The 411 on virtual organizing

Can we organize your home from a video call??

Sherri Papich CPO-CD of Organize Your Life LLC is now certified for virtual organizing.

With a quick call, we can help you organize your space. Sounds great, right? But you may not know what virtual organizing entails, or why exactly it’s such a great resource. Let us explain below:

Virtual organizing (VO) is an alternative or a wonderful addition to in-person sessions. During our VO sessions, you will take us on a tour of your space through the use of telephone, email, photographs, video conferencing, or other technology. We will determine your goals and vision, then discuss your strengths and the challenges you may face during the project. With all of this in mind, we will create a step-by-step plan, fieldwork included, to help you achieve your goals. We will then set up virtual check-ins to provide you with continued accountability, encouragement and problem-solving.

Virtual organizing can be done for anyone in the world with access to the internet, email, or a smartphone. VO can alleviate scheduling problems instead of blocking out multiple in-person, several-hour, sessions per month, one-hour virtual sessions can be scheduled whenever is best for the client.

In-person sessions are generally longer and more expensive, but with virtual organizing, the VCPO can create a schedule that works for the client's budget and schedule. Affordability does not simply refer to money but also to time!

Who can benefit from certified virtual professional organizing sessions?

  • *Busy moms with young students needing learning or living areas set-up
  • *College or high school students with the same needs
  • *Business people or entrepreneurs trying to work from home, or a chaotic office, to improve productivity and efficiency
  • *Those who live in rural areas where in-person sessions are unavailable
  • *Anyone in need of streamlining, organizational skills, task management, or simply encouragement, motivation and accountability
  • *Anyone dealing with change/transitions that can make life feel overwhelming
  • *Anyone trying to identify project and tasks, or determining boundaries and priorities
  • *If you like DIY and can do most of the work yourself, or have helpers, a VO session will get you started and will provide help along the way
  • *Virtually anyone!

And, of course, we would be remiss not to note the era we’re living in –that of COVID-19 and social distancing. Virtual organizing is great for those uncomfortable with close contact, but who still want help organizing their home or office. If we’re going to be stuck inside all day it might as well look great, right?

So, now that you are more familiar with virtual organizing, let’s explore why it’s important.

Goals can be daunting, seemingly unmanageable and intangible. Virtual organizers can help alleviate your anxiety and foster excitement about the project at hand. Our desire is to inspire and empower our clients, because we know that once you see the possibility and experience success, your confidence and independence will grow. As the virtual organizer moves through the project with you, their skills transfer over, endowing you with long-term organizational skills and habits.

Virtual POs make the project attainable, and working with clients in smaller, more frequent sessions can save time and money. Clients can choose prepaid blocks of time or a pay-as-you-go method. The virtual organizer can create a payment plan that works for you.

"My clients seem to enjoy the ability to choose. Some choose the prepaid blocks as a means of self-motivation. Since they’ve already purchased the time, they are more likely to follow through. Others like the flexibility of the pay-as-you-go method so they can schedule a random session when stuck on their project, having trouble chunking down projects, or when motivation to start or complete a project wanes," Sherri Papich CPO-CD, CVPO, CEO - Organize Your Life LLC.

Saving money while intensifying focus on your project is a wonderful perk of hiring a virtual organizer. Clients are given the opportunity to change their own habits and environment, gaining control over their life. So, if you would like a lifestyle change, or have a friend who may benefit from virtual help, please, contact us and set up a session!

Choose from our package or pay as you go options:
2020 Specials: One-Hour Session: $62.00

Two-One Hour Sessions: $124.00

Three 1-Hour Sessions: $186.00

Five 1-Hour Sessions: $310.00
**We also offer a free 15-minute initial consultation to determine if Virtual Organizing is for you.

"My Virtual Professional Organizer Certification (CVPO) has been a wonderful way to educate, elevate, inspire and invite my clients into creating a space that works for them! I LOVE helping my clients to achieve their goals!" Sherri

You may schedule a single session or multiple sessions by
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