Donations, donations, donations

Too much stuff and don't know where to start??

It’s your t-shirts from the 90’s, the doilies from your great aunt and the plethora of free totes you got from Clinique. Maybe you’re moving buying new clothes, or reorganizing your

room and have discovered mounds of belongings you no longer need. Well, Organize Your Life has a few tips and tricks to get your home decluttered.

One of the first things we set up with our clients is a donations basket. This basket, box, or bag, labeled “Donations”, is essential for our clients to purge their unnecessary belongings. After working with our clients to complete a project, we may be able to take their donations to a local donations center, such as Salvation Army, AMVETS or the local school. However, most of our clients complete this task on their own, especially in between visits.

After OYL has finished a project, it is imperative that a family, or individual, has a specific location set for donations to continually purge unused items. In my own home, I use a designated shelf in the pantry to keep my re-giftable items and donations. Each family member can put their items in the donation area without having to leave them on counter tops or the kitchen table. Continual purging keeps the home from collecting unneeded items and allows for frequent donations to those in need. Once the box or basket is full it should immediately be moved into the vehicle to drop at the nearest donation center, or the family member in charge of household donations can call for a pickup.

Ridding your home of clutter is one of the most important aspects of organizing your life, and donating that extra clutter to those is need a just the cherry on top!