Scheduling Your Project

Where do I even start??

How to start, where to begin?? Well, simple tools such as your calendar, sticky notes and a bit of brainstorming can alleviate your panic.

First, clearly state your goal: the room or area being organized, the start and end date and the inspiration for the project. Next, envision the way you’d like the room to look or function after the project and brainstorm the process. You may need helpers, you may need to donate large amounts of belongings, or you may need a dumpster. For each potential obstacle, plan ahead and allow room for error. Call friends beforehand and add their availability to your calendar, set specific days you would like to drive donations to your local donations center and call a waste company to rent and deliver a dumpster, or do a pick up.

It is important to anticipate the many aspects of a project so there is less stress later. For example, if along the way you find your Aunt Sally’s luggage, make sure to contact her and transfer to luggage to her quickly. If you discover a broken pipe or disconnected circuit, make sure you call and schedule a plumber or electrician. No matter what obstacle presents itself, don’t lose steam and stay on track.

If an electronic or paper calendar are not your forte, use sticky notes on the refrigerator or bathroom mirror. Write down the most important dates and reminders, as well as your anticipated end date.

Finally, if you have several projects that need your attention, choose the most urgent problem. This can work for household projects as well, such as a messy house. First, start with the dishes, then onto the laundry, next the vacuuming, and finally, your bedroom. If that order doesn’t suit you, simply assess the importance of each room and schedule accordingly, leaving ample time for each project.

No matter the scale of the project, break each into a beginning, middle and end don’t forget to schedule in time for clean up use your calendar for every task anticipate and allow time for obstacles and breathe. You can do this!